A New Chapter
Fallen Dreams

Recorded at Alvic
Mixed at Rooster
Produced by Breathless and John Madden

was recorded at Alvic Studios in West London with Drostan (then known as John) Madden, who was recommended to us by Ivo at 4AD. We did in fact record a whole album’s worth of material, but were only happy with the three songs released. Other songs recorded in that session were an early version of Pride, and Monkey Talk which was recorded using both real drums and a drum machine concurrently, with the drum machine (intentionally) speeding up half way through the song! Drostan had been working a lot with The Cocteau Twins at that time and was very keen on drum machines, and because we were young, inexperienced in recording and a little in awe of him as we really admired the bands he worked with, we went along with the drum machine idea on both Monkey Talk and another song Carousel, on which Drostan got a friend of his to come and play a piano overdub that made it sound like early Elton John! so not surprisingly we were really disappointed with the end results and decided not to use either of the songs.

Interview with Ari on the recording
. of Ageless