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I Never Know Where You Are
Moment By Moment (Version)

Produced by Breathless and Drostan J Madden
Recorded at Rooster Studios
Except Heartburst
Recorded at Blackwing
Produced by Breathless
Engineered by John Fryer
Cover photo by Kevin Westenberg

We felt that we wanted a slightly rawer, less produced sound for our next record and decided to have a change of scene and go back to recording with Drostan at the studio he usually worked in, Rooster 2 (previously known as Alvic where we recorded Ageless). I remember it was a really hot day and the air conditioning wasn’t working in the live room, which was pretty unpleasant. We initially intended to rerecord Moment By Moment as the A side with I Never Know Where You Are as the B side, but we were so pleased with I Never Know Where You Are when we’d finished it that we decided to make it the A side instead. Although we’d really enjoyed working with John Fryer at Blackwing it was nice to work with Drostan again as I think we’d both learnt a lot since recording Ageless and came to the session with new ideas which gave I Never Know Where You Are a real freshness. Although Drostan had been pretty keen on triggered and effected drums when we worked with him before, he recorded the drums on I Never Know Where You Are pretty much as Martyn played them, so the whole track was really natural sounding and had a lot of space, whereas with the material we recorded with John Fryer the sound was much more dense as all the space was taken up with echo and reverb, which we loved at the time and are in fact what made songs like Across The Water and Waiting On The Wire sound so full and lush and gave them that magical otherworldliness, but we just felt we needed a change.

Taken from interview with Ari.