When SAVAGE REPUBLIC founding member Bruce Licher relocated from his native
Los Angeles to Arizona in late 1992 he decided it was time to form a new band.
He also had the perfect name for the all-instrumental musical ideas he‚d been
conceptualizing since the dissolution of his previous group in 1989.
SCENIC‚s first rehearsal in November of 1992 consisted of Licher on guitar, former
SHIVA BURLESQUE bassist James Brenner, and drummer Brock Wirtz,
the three of whom carved out minimalist soundscapes which formed the basis
for what would become SCENIC‚s debut album, Incident At Cima.

Conceived as an evocative soundtrack for the East Mojave Desert, the group explored
various instrumental themes using a sound pallette consisting of traditional and
non-traditional instruments including Licher‚s unison-tuned, monotone guitar,
producing a unique sound which he had been developing during his years in

Joined in the studio by former SAVAGE REPUBLIC and 17 PYGMIES member
Robert Loveless on keyboards, along with several friends as guest musicians,
SCENIC captured the stark beauty of the East Mojave in a sound described by
Rolling Stone scribe David Fricke as

'Ennio Morricone dune-surfing in Death Valley,"

The Acid Gospel Experience was released in the UK By Tenor Vossa  in 2003,
This new album saw SCENIC stretching their bourdaries in new ways, and incorporating
new instruments such as sitar, vibes and congas. As well as including a guest appearance
on piano by HAROLD BUDD, who had become a fan of SCENIC's music over the years