‘ A mysterious woman’s voice murmurs in Russian. Hypnotic rhythms gently pulse,
swathed in sumptuous keyboard sweeps. This is the sound of open spaces,
of trains speeding through desolate snow peaked mountains.
New Order melding into Pink Floyd on the Trans Siberian Express

An enigmatic collective with all the members in their early 20’s,
Beat Milk Jugs originally hail from the Latvian city of Daugavpils,
but have recently relocated to the UK where they currently reside,
splitting their time between London and Liverpool, although it is more
the soundscapes of Manchester which influences their music and vocal style.

In the period since their inception Beat Milk Jugs have appeared in Future Music’s
monthly Top 10 Reader Demos five times, twice being in poll position,
once with the now much sought after ‘Caxap’ track.
In 2009 they signed to TV Records beginning work on
their debut album, 10 Years Of Hangovers, released the following year.


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