'Pay attention, because Your Black Star are about to knock your socks off.
Sound From the Ground, their first proper full-length, is colossal --
a lightning bolt straight out of Kentucky that's on par with the best music
Louisville has offered us over the years. Swathes of effects-heavy guitar
and Drew Osborn's propulsive drumming provide the perfect post-rock backdrop for
Jeremy Johnson's vocals, which are confident and demand attention; and producer
Kevin Ratterman (ex-Elliott) brings his own distinct stoner haze to proceedings --
his studio wizardry has never sounded better.
Your Black Star have been biding their time, but Sound from the Ground
suggests they won't remain under the radar for long.'

Fusing a frighteningly unshakeable rhythm section with effects heavy
post apocalyptic guitars, Louisville Kentuckyís Your Black Star
take delay soaked guitar rock to itís early 80ís roots,

Formed by Jeremy Johnson and Drew Osborn, Your Black Satr
have released three full length albums and a number of EPs as well as
playing hundreds of shows in Japan, Australia. and the US.
They were latterly joined on bass by Kevin Ratterman, formally of Elliott,
who also co produced Sound From The Ground.
Relaesed by Tenor Vossa Records in 2005