MOLY Hello Shut Up
Moly return with Hello Shut Up their own unique blend of brooding Post Rock anthems and haunting electronica.
Initially favourably compared to the likes of Godspeed You Black Emperor and Mogwai. Moly have since expanded their line up to include vocals and keyboards and are now exploring a wider sonic terrain first embarked on by Krautrockers Can and Neu adding their own melodic slant to create a new Space Rock Electronica.
Shimmering, mesmeric keyboards and melodic vocals now mingle with hypnotic, distorted guitars and densely textured soundscapes. Layers of guitars interweave with eerie spacey drones, to create a haunting mix of lush, melody and explosive white noise that transport the listener from the celebratory, cathartic Time On My Own through to the blissed out and blistering closer One Million Tears
Where there was once claustrophobia and foreboding there are now open sunlit vistas The hues of harmony hinted at on their first album Your Life Is
In Danger are now transformed into full iridescent colour, stretching like rainbows across a once stormy sky.
Moly’s critically acclaimed single Me And Lucifer was featured on Radio One’s The Blue Room album alongside, My Morning Jacket, Flaming Lips and The Polyphonic Spree and Moly supported fellow Post Rockers Mono and Kinski on their headline London shows.